How do I browse for products in Internet Store?

How do I browse for products in Internet Store?

  1. Go to Top Level Menu
  2. Hover the mouse on iStore menu
  3. A drop- down menu will open
  4. Click Relevant categories

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    • What are the products available in Internet Store?

      Books Magazines DVDs Audio and MP3 CDs eBooks for Kindle, Nook, iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android Selected titles are also in Apple iBook format available at Apple iBooks Store Digital Downloads  Articles (magnet, laminations, photos, calendar, keychain, ...
    • How do I search for products in Internet Store?

      In the home page, you will see Search for Books Type the Title and click Search There is another mode of search available in the left side of the search box called "shop by categories" where you will be able to search books by language and category ...
    • How do I register to shop in Internet Store?

      On the Home Page Login/Register Enter relevant details under Register and submit 
    • Does the book exactly match the product as shown in the Internet Store?

      In order to bring you the best user experience on our website, we have converted all our book covers in 3D formats. But in that process, there might have been changes done that may not truly represent the actual product. Please refer to the book ...
    • I can't login to the Internet Store. What can I do?

      Please make sure that the username/email is typed correctly. If you have forgotten the password, please click on Lost Password in the Login window. Then enter your email address and click submit. An email will be sent to your id. You can then enter ...